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                          Wednesday, October 25, 2017

                          Birthdays and Exams

                          Today is Hafiya’s 5th birthday.

                          Happy birthday my Lil Darling, H! We love you no matter what. At this age, she is still not enjoying doing her homework alone (means, kena buat dengan ibu or abah, LOL!) and still a very manja girl despite of being an elder sister to Raisya, but sometimes she could be more independent from her elder sister, Khayra.

                          She enjoys reading story books, enjoys pretend play by being a little princess (Anna of Frozen, especially – LOL!) and enjoys having her big sister with her. Tak boleh berpisah dua orang ni tapi that doesn’t mean they are not having sister’s fight at all hehe.

                          We hope you’ll enjoy celebrating your birthday with your fellow friends and 
                          teachers at school today.

                          We celebrated Khayra's 8th birthday on 01.07.2017, during fasting month at my parents’ house as I was in my confinement (15 days). It was supposed to be Raisya’s EDD as well, but Raisya was born 2 weeks earlier than her EDD.

                          My daughters, my treasure.

                          This post is going to be random. I wanted to upload this photo as it was taken a day before my firstborn sat for her Arabic and Jawi Final Exams and we went to have an early dinner so that we could do a revision at night. To my surprised, she didn’t bring her Arabic books that day and causing ibu menjadi naga sekejap. Rasa nak pecah dada cos I already set that night for (last minute) revision. Kenalah berleter sekejap dengan ibu before she decided to go to sleep at 8.30pm (slaps forehead).

                          I asked my best friends to whatsapp the relevant pages of Arabic textbook to me (they were so helpful, thank God for these friends from heaven!) so that I’ll know what to revise with her, the next morning. The next morning, she just went through the WA messages in the car for 5 minutes on our way to send her to school -_-

                          After the school break, she said to me,

                          “Ibu must be surprised with BA result. Kakak pun terkejut.”

                          I prayed that the results were not that bad. No D or E, pretty please.

                          “Okay, I can’t wait to see your result.” (Nope. Deep inside I was running out of oxygen)

                          She showed her paper to me with her sad face. I cringed inside.

                          I saw her marks – 



                          That was a big relieved. Instead, I was a proud mom. Alhamdulillah.

                          She smiled to me and wanted to tell her abah rightly. I let her to leave voice message and snapped her result to send to her father. 

                          On the other part, I was feeling guilty because I was mad at her after knowing she didn’t bring her books back home for revision and in returned, she got this excellent result.

                          I am so sorry, K. I hope when you read this, please know that my reaction was due to a normal-stressful-mom-during-exam-week-syndrome. All the best for you for the upcoming Final Exam next week. 

                          My prayers are always with you.

                          Sunday, September 24, 2017

                          Raisya : On the Day You Were Born

                          The truth is, this 3rd pregnancy isn't as smooth as the previous two pregnancies. I've been diagnosed with varicose veins stage 4 at my 24 weeks of pregnancy, I was being referred to the Surgeon (Dr Rusdi) by my Gynae (O&G - Dr Ju). Both Surgeon and Gynae were of the opinion that no surgery or injection can be done to heal my pain up until the baby was delivered. I was being prescribed Daflon by my Surgeon, had to take panadol whenever I couldn't bear the pain and had to wear special socks (the socks cost me RM200+) to reduce the pain. My movements were limited and I was restricted to lift any heavy objects, standing or sitting too long. If not, my condition will be worsening.

                          I was not experiencing nausea or vomiting throughout this 3rd pregnancy but I had to control my meal intake to avoid tremendous weight gain, in which it will affect my condition as well. I did experience the worst fatigue (I regarded it as almost zero energy) and heartburn during 7 and 8 weeks of my pregnancy. Other than that, I was just a hormonal lady (bahaha!). I watched "Surga Yang Tak Dirindukan" at 11pm, cried throughout the night and had swollen eyes the day after. Lulz.

                          I'm so grateful that despite of the (bearable, if I may add) pain for my 3rd pregnancy; my boss, my staffs, my husband, my daughters, my parents and my PIL were there to lend their helping hands. Alhamdulillah.

                          I started to pray by sitting down on a chair at my 28 weeks of pregnancy due to the varicose veins. My Gynae had issued a recommendation letter for me to have a light duty only due to my condition. Due to that, my Boss gave permission for me to work from home (he told me that health is more important) and suggested for me to come to the office only to meet clients with appointments. Being a good LA to my Boss (ehem), I chose to come to the office from 9 am to 12 noon or 1 pm every day except a few days that I didn't come to work at all because of the pain. I need my computer, my files, my staff and I need to see my boss for discussion, so I prefer to go to the office in the morning.

                          I was being treated so well by my husband in which he will do anything to fulfill all my cravings (nak makan burger Ramly, makan nasi ayam bakar black pepper, nak air kelapa almost every day), dealt with my hormonal-self, took care of our children and the house chores, listened to my ramblings and gave his best to help me whenever I feel sick or just being mengada at times. He helped me a lot during our umrah and gave his full support to me whenever I needed it the most.

                          At 32 weeks of pregnancy, I was being told by my Gynae that chances for me to have a normal delivery was 50-50 due to my varicose veins; as it became worsen. She even made a comment that this was the first case she had encountered varicose veins stage 4 in pregnancy. I was in teary eyes when I got to know on this fact as I was aiming for a normal delivery like the previous two. At 36 weeks, the baby was already engaged and my Gynae was confident that I can have a normal delivery as some veins were not swollen anymore. That was such a big relieved to us, alhamdulillah. Little that we know, Allah has a better plan for us where at 37 weeks of checkup; the baby was at breech position and this was not within our expectation as the previous week the baby was already engaged. After a long discussion with my Gynae and my husband, we were later been given options for the next checkup at 38 weeks;

                          1. If the baby is not in a breech position, we could wait until 39 weeks or until the labour signs exist to deliver the baby via normal delivery (provided my varicose veins are not worsen); or

                          2. If the baby is still in a breech position, we can opt to do the elective cesarean (EL LSCS Spinal) on the day itself (at 38 weeks) or can wait for another week (39 weeks).

                          As for the 2nd option, my Gynae said that we may bring along our hospital bags together with us during the next checkup. My Gynae prepared an admission letter on the same day just in case we wanted to proceed with the csect at 38 weeks i.e a week after.

                          My best friend, Far invited us for berbuka together at her house two days before I was being admitted at S*ALAM Specialist Hospital KT and my PIL together with my parents conducted a small majlis tahlil and solat hajat for me a day before my scheduled csect procedure at 38 weeks.

                          17.06.2017 (Saturday):

                          Taking into consideration that I might be proceeded with csect that day at 38 weeks of pregnancy, I ate roti canai at 12 midnight on 17.06.2017 before starting to fast at 2.00 am as advised by my Gynae. We left our children with my MIL and I asked for everyone's forgiveness especially from my husband and went straightaway to S*ALAM at 7.30 am. My admission to the ward was scheduled at 8.00 am. My mother even told me that the csect will not be done that morning as she was still in denial that I had to go for csect process this time. She was too worried if I could not handle the pain as I have never been through a csect before. That is my thoughtful mother :D

                          By 8.30 am, when I was in my ward with my husband, a nurse came in and asked me to go for a checkup and met my Gynae. From the ultrasound, our baby was still in a breech position, so my Gynae had asked us whether we wanted to proceed with the csect or wanted to wait for another week. 

                          Taking everything into account that:

                          1. my varicose veins were not showing any better;
                          2. the upcoming Syawal in just a week time (and my Gynae will not be around during Syawal but another Gynae will replace her);
                          3. I would prefer to do the csect with my current Gynae (Dr. Ju) as she was aware with my condition (varicose veins), history etc.;
                          4. the fact that I was so ready to meet our little one in a few hours that day; and
                          5. since it was a nice date (17.06.17) and the fact that our baby can beraya with us next week teehee;

                          So we agreed to proceed with the elective csect on that day. My Gynae was in full support with our decision and preparing the consent letter for me to sign. I asked my Gynae whether my husband was allowed to be in the OT room with me and my Gynae said yes. After I signed the consent letter, I was asked to change into my OT attire while the specialists and the OT team were preparing the OT room for us. The Anesthetist, Dr Sabri came to our ward and explained to us about the anaesthesia  process as well as the after effects to my husband and I.

                          At 10.02 am, I was wheeled off to the OT room from my ward. My husband and my parents were there with me up until we reached the OT room. When I was inside the OT room, Dr Sabri was there to initiate anaesthesia process on me. An injection was inserted at my right hand, an oxygen mask was placed on my face to cover my nose and mouth and I was asked to be in a sit down position on the bed and cuddled a pillow with a straight body back, inhale and cannot make any body movements before he put a cold swab at my back and inserted the drug needle. A few minutes later, I was asked to try to lift up my legs and all I feel was like heavy things been placed on my legs, it was quite warm and I was unable to lift them up. The minutes later, Dr Sabri ordered to call my husband, prepared a chair for my husband to sit next to me at my left side and hold my left arm. I was quite nervous and I recited all surah that I remembered to make me feel better. Dr Ju, my Gynae and her team did the caesarean and my husband witnessed everything from the beginning (I was so proud that he wanted to witnessed everything) while Dr Sabri, the Anesthetist being a narrator to us - he was so good in explaining things and told us about the whole process that was going on.

                          From, "Okay Puan Wahida, Dr Ju will start the process" to "Okay sekarang nak keluarkan sebelah kaki baby" to "Okay sekarang kepala baby" and "Alhamdulillah, tahniah Puan Wahida and Encik Hazri, baby dah selamat deliver"; all of the things happened in the OT room were being described in details to us by Dr Sabri who sat next to my husband, at the top side of my head. From my husband's record, it took only 10 minutes for the whole process to get the baby's out of me. 

                          Our baby was safely delivered at 10.43 am and the pediatrician, Dr Su took over the baby right after. I asked Dr Sabri why the baby was not crying but in less than a minute, we heard the baby’s crying. The Pediatrician, Dr Su came with the baby to me and placed the baby on my upper chest, asked me on the baby's gender and I got to kiss the baby. 

                          Next, while hubby went out with Dr Su for azan and iqamat, the after birth process was initiated on me. At 11.15 am, I was wheeled out from the OT room and I was with Dr Sabri for after process checkup on me. The process took about 10 minutes (to check whether I feel dizzy, wanted to throw up or collapsed) before Dr Sabri released me to my room. Meet my parents and MIL and after requesting for the baby, she was brought to our room at 12 noon.

                          We stayed at the hospital for 3 days and 2 nights (csect package) before all the three specialists, Dr Ju (Gynae), Dr Sabri (Anaesthetist) and Dr Su (Pediatrician) allowed both of mom and baby to be discharged. Since this was my first experience with caesarean, I considered it as a very nice experience, Alhamdulillah. 

                          The fact that during my second day post csect, I suffered a severe neck and back pain especially when I got up from bed and walked to the toilet, doesn't give any discredit to my experience at S*ALAM Specialist Hospital as I was very well looked after by the Specialists (Dr Ju and Dr Sabri) throughout my stayed. Dr Sabri went out to buy a special meds for me all by himself and from his explanation, my severe neck and back pain were caused by the anesthesia procedure but it will heal in 2 or 3 days. According to him, usually one insertion does not caused any aftereffects pain as it is considered as a successful anaesthesia procedure, but some people may not be lucky and they will get the aftereffects pain as well even with one shoot of the injection (like my case). I was told to drink black coffee two times a day to reduce the pain. Alhamdulillah, the neck and back pains were slowly heal in 3-4 days.

                          With that, we welcome Raisya Binti Hazri, our third princess to this world. Raisya means good appearance (surah Al A’raf : 26).

                          Currently at 3 months 6 days old, she is a very cheerful baby and loves baby talk a lot with us and her two elder sisters.

                          Raisya - Day 1 (few hours post delivery)
                          Born on 17.06.2017 (22 Ramadhan 1438H) (Saturday) 
                          at 10.43am, weight 2.63kg, height 53cm
                          via elective caeserean.

                          Raisya - Day 2

                          Raisya - 1 week old

                          Raisya - 10 days old (favourite sleeping position)
                          Tanggal pusat at Day 6.

                          Raisya - day 42

                          Raisya - day 47

                          Raisya - day 60 
                          (woke up at 4.40am for feeding and gave me her sweetest smile)

                          Raisya - a very happy baby even after taking her 
                          Pneumococcal jab and Rotavirus at 2 months plus :D

                          Thursday, September 21, 2017

                          HW Umrah 2017 (Day 11) and (Day 12)

                          Hari Kesebelas (10.02.2017)

                          Pagi: Ziarah Wada. Makam Nabi Muhammad SAW. Keluarkan beg besar bagi pihak hotel memasukkan ke dalam bas untuk ke airport.

                          Ke Masjid Nabawi awal untuk solat sunat dan dengar khutbah solat Jumaat, Solat Jumaat (second time for yours truly).

                          Lunch. Pukul 2.30 petang bersiap untuk menaiki bas ke airport.

                          Solat Asar di airport.

                          Check in semua diuruskan oleh pihak Rayhar Travels Sdn. Bhd.

                          Penerbangan pulang ke Malaysia jam 8.40 malam.

                          Hari Kedua belas (11.02.2017)

                          Jam 10.00 pagi selamat tiba di KLIA. Cuba tukar penerbangan ke TGG jam 2.40 petang tetapi kena menunggu dalam waiting lists and peluang agak tipis untuk dapatkan confirmed seats. Decided to stay and balik dengan penerbangan asal jam 7.45 malam. Lunch with Bon dan Zmah and stayed at their house. Jam 6 petang, Bon dan Zmah hantar kami semula ke KLIA.

                          Alhamdulillah selamat sampai di TGG dan disambut oleh kedua ibubapa kami serta anak-anak yang sangat dirindui :D

                          Makam Rasullah SAW.

                          Masjid Nabawi (interior).

                          Sampai di KLIA and having lunch at Putrajaya with Bon and Zmah.

                          Reunited after 13 days being apart :D

                          Alhamdulillah, kami diberi kesihatan yang baik sepanjang mengerjakan umrah dan selepas pulang dari Umrah.

                          HW Umrah 2017 (Day 9) and (Day 10)

                          Hari Kesembilan (08.02.2017)

                          Breakfast nasi lemak.
                          8.30 pagi Tawaf Sunat
                          Berpeluang melihat pembersihan kiswah Kaabah.
                          Aktiviti bebas.
                          Malam: Solat Maghrib dan Isyak. Stay di Masjidil Haram untuk habiskan surah-surah Al Quran.

                          Hari Kepuluh (09.02.2017)

                          Hari terakhir di Mekah - Tawaf Wada.

                          8.00 pagi: Tawaf Wada (Tawaf selamat tinggal). Selepas Tawaf Wada, tak dibenarkan untuk bergambar atau membeli-belah. Rasa sedih nak tinggalkan bumi Mekah dan peluang dapat tengok Kaabah setiap hari di depan mata adalah satu pengalaman yang cukup indah. Sayu je rasa.

                          9.40 pagi: Menaiki bas sejauh 450km dari Mekah menuju ke Madinah

                          Singgah lunch di Restoran Nasi Arab. Beli kunafa.

                          Waktu Asar: tiba di Madinah

                          Lihat payung-payung terbuka. Alhamdulillah, rezeki kami kerana semasa tiba dari Malaysia, payung-payung masih tertutup sehingga pada hari kami bertolak ke Mekah.

                          Solat Maghrib dan Isyak last di Masjid Nabawi.

                          Inside Masjidil Haram and my baby bump of 19w :D 

                          The most meaningful journey for both (three) of us :D 
                          Gambar selepas solat Subuh.

                          Singgah lunch di Restoran Makanan Arab semasa perjalanan menuju ke Madinah. 
                          Chicken Mandy (15 Riyal). Big portion, ni pun just berkongsi dengan suami. Makan bersila.

                          Sedap sangat. Siap tapau bawa ke Madinah :P

                          Sebaik tiba di Madinah (waktu Solat Asar), nampak payung-payung terbuka. Seronok tak terkata sebab bila sampai masa first day, agak terkilan bila payung tak terbuka (katanya ada masalah dengan maintenance / campur kuasa, wallahualam). Rezeki kami, alhamdulillah :D

                          Beautiful. Subhanallah.

                          HW Umrah 2017 (Day 8)

                          Hari Kelapan (07.02.2017)

                          7.30 pagi: ke Miqat Hudaibiah. Ready dengan pakaian Ihram.

                          Tazkirah Ustaz (dalam bas):
                          Nama yang baik. Panggilan di Padang Mahsyar. Rasulullah tukar nama sahabat jika makna tidak baik.

                          Perjanjian Hudaibiah
                          Orang Quraisy langgar Perjanjian. Hijrah kerana perintah Allah.

                          8.20 pagi: sampai di Masjid. Miqat Hudaibiah

                          9.00 pagi: Sampai di Museum Exhibition of The Two Holy Mosques Architecture. Berpeluang melihat sejarah Tanah Suci Mekah dan Madinah dari dulu.

                          10.00 pagi: Bertolak semula ke Masjidil Haram

                          10.10 pagi: Tawaf Umrah (Umrah ketiga)

                          12.00 tengah hari: Selesai Saie dan Tahalul

                          12.35 tengah hari: Zohor dan lunch

                          Suhu 31°c (ada pada paparan pintu ke Masjidil Haram)

                          4.15 petang: taklimat kembali ke Madinah di dewan makan Hotel Al Maqam

                          Museum Exhibition of The Two Holy Mosques Architecture.

                          Inside the Museum Exhibition of The Two Holy Mosques Architecture.

                          If you can see the green lights - itu petanda permulaan Tawaf dan pengakhiran pusingannya.

                          Tempat solat favourite suami di dalam Masjidil Haram. 
                          Same level with entrance from Ajyad Gate.

                          Tempat solat favourite saya di dalam Masjidil Haram, selain daripada ditingkat bawah. Boleh nampak Kaabah straight dari view ini tapi kalau lambat sampai, memang selalu penuh. Juga sama aras dengan entrance Ajyad Gate.

                          From my hubs camera: His Excellency Abdul Rahman Ibn Abdul Aziz as-Sudais - who has been the Imam of Masjidil Haram since 1984 and was appointed as President of the General Presidency for the Affairs of the Two Holy Mosques. 

                          Biasanya kalau dengar Imam Sudais membaca surah-surah ketika mengimamkan jemaah di Masjidil Haram, mesti ada part beliau akan kedengaran seperti sayu dan tersekat-sekat (menangis) kerana beliau memahami dan menghayati makna surah-surah yang dibaca. MasyaAllah. Kami berpeluang melihat microphone khas bagi kegunaan Imam di Masjidil Haram yang berwarna emas ketika pengawal membawanya untuk urusan solat jenazah.

                          As close as we get. 

                          Wednesday, September 20, 2017

                          HW Umrah 2017 (Day 7)

                          Hari Ketujuh (06.02.2016)

                          Breakfast nasi goreng dengan telur rebus goreng bersambal.

                          7.30 pagi: Ke Gua Thur. Rasulullah berkhalwah 4km dari Mekah (memikirkan tentang ummat yang ketika itu jahiliah) lalu diturunkan wahyu al Quran untuk berhijrah ke Madinah

                          Tazkirah Ustaz (ketika dalam bas):
                          Ibadah umrah:
                          Niat di miqat dan jaga pantang larang
                          Saie (21km) (Safa - Marwah lebih kurang 450m sehala)

                          Miqat Ja'aranah 27km dari Tanah Haram
                          Miqat paling afdhal bagi ahli Mekah

                          Arafah – Jika mengerjakan Haji wajib ke Padang Arafah

                          Tanda akhir zaman - Padang Arafah menjadi hijau. Perkumpulan umat Islam yang paling besar (jemaah memakai ihram) gambaran di Padang Mahsyar. Lebih kurang 2 juta umat semasa musim Haji. 

                          Dosa - dosa besar:
                          1. Arak
                          2. Zina
                          3. Derhaka kepada ibubapa

                          Berada di Jabal Rahmah diantara jam 
                          8.15 pagi - 9.00 pagi. Beli aiskrim 5 Riyal. Tangkap gambar polaroid 15 Riyal (2 keping) dipuncak Jabal Rahmah.

                          Arafah ke Muzdalifah: 8km
                          Mina (Tempat melontar. Ada tiga tingkat)

                          10.30 pagi: kembali ke Tanah Haram

                          11.15 pagi: tiba di hotel. Ke Masjidil Haram untuk solat zohor

                          Lunch : kari ikan, sayur campur dan ayam masak cili

                          Solat Asar

                          Selepas Asar pukul 4.40 petang ke Masjidil Haram untuk tawaf sunat. Berpeluang menyentuh Kiswah Kaabah dan berada dekat dengan Kaabah.

                          5.45 petang: get ready for Maghrib. Tak balik hotel.

                          6.14 petang: Maghrib

                          Berpeluang melihat pengurusan jenazah di Masjidil Haram selepas solat jenazah.

                          Balik hotel. Makan roti canai.

                          7.15 malam: ke Masjid tapi perlu melalui jalan Saie sebab pintu Ajyad dah ditutup.

                          Solat Isyak di Masjidil Haram.

                          Dinner - tomyam ayam, sotong goreng kuning, Nasi Arab.

                          9.30 malam: Tahlil di dewan makan bersama Ustaz Fadli.

                          Breakfast nasi goreng dengan telur rebus goreng bersambal. Sebenarnya terlintas (mungkin mengidam, agaknya) nak makan begini malam tadi. Alhamdulillah, dimakbulkan dan ada rezeki untuk saya (dan baby Raisya) makan di Mekah semasa sarapan pagi di Hotel Al Maqam. Sedap pula tu, alhamdulillah.

                          Gua Thur.

                          Jabal Rahmah. 
                          Tempat pertemuan Nabi Adam dan Hawa setelah beratus tahun terpisah.

                          Ketika berada dipuncak Jabal Rahmah. 

                          Dipuncak Jabal Rahmah boleh nampak Padang Arafah ini.

                          Beli aiskrim 5 Riyal setiap satu semasa di Jabal Rahmah. 

                          HW Umrah 2017 (Day 6)

                          Hari Keenam (05.02.2017)

                          5.00 pagi: Ke Masjidil Haram untuk solat sunat dan solat Subuh

                          6.15 pagi: Breakfast bubur, roti dan lontong

                          7.30 pagi: Ke Miqat Tanaeem (paling dekat dengan Masjidil Haram)

                          8.00 pagi: Sampai di Masjid Aisha (Miqat Tanaeem)

                          9.00 pagi: Start tawaf (Umrah Kedua)

                          11.00 pagi: Habis Saie dan Tahalul

                          Beli half chicken broast 13 Riyal di Restoran Firdous.

                          Solat Zohor dan Asar di Masjidil Haram.

                          Malam Solat Maghrib and Isyak di Masjidil Haram. Selalunya kami stay sahaja diantara waktu Maghrib dan Isyak di Masjidil Haram - baca Quran. Jarak hotel kami dengan Masjidil Haram lebih kurang 5 minit berjalan kaki.

                          Di Masjid Aisha (Miqat Tanaeem)


                          Dimulai di Bukit Safa dan berakhir di Bukit Marwah. Hubs offered to wheel me on the wheelchair, memandangkan saya pregnant and kaki ada bengkak sikit, tapi alhamdulillah boleh juga buat Saie tanpa bantuan kerusi roda. Disunatkan berlari-lari anak bagi lelaki dan mempercepatkan langkah bagi wanita dikawasan lampu hijau.

                          Half chicken broast 13 Riyal di Restoran Firdous. Yummy :D

                          HW Umrah 2017 (Day 5)

                          Hari Kelima (04.02.2017) 32°C

                          8.15 pagi: Breakfast roti canai di Restoran Firdous dan ayam goreng

                          11.15 pagi: Ke Masjidil Haram untuk solat zohor

                          1.15 tengah hari: Lunch. Lauk ayam masak merah, ikan goreng, sayur campur dan belacan

                          3.00 petang: Solat Asar

                          Jumpa Kak Nur (my SIL with her father) at Hotel’s Lobby.

                          5.15 petang: Ke Masjidil Haram untuk Maghrib prayer. Stay sehingga Isyak

                          8.20 malam:  Dinner lauk sotong dan ayam masak merah

                          9.15 malam: taklimat post mortem umrah di dewan makan King Abd Aziz Hotel

                          Favourite roti canai and kari ayam di Restoran Firdous, berdekatan dengan Hotel King Abd Aziz. So yummy up until kami beli 3 kali lagi lepas tu :P

                          (dikatakan antara tempat yang paling mustajab berdoa)

                          My usual spot in Masjidil Haram, tingkat bawah dari Gate Ajyad. Tapi tak boleh nampak Kaabah direct. Keluar depan tu terus Kaabah. Tingkat atas baru boleh nampak. Bawah ni less crowded.

                                                      Restoran Firdous, berdekatan dengan Hotel King Abd Aziz. 

                           Aiskrim 5 Riyal each, kedai sebelah hotel :P

                          Clock Tower

                                      These two little girls in Masjidil Haram reminded me of my own daughters  :P

                                                           Nose Protector - very useful. Protect us from dust.

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